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Kokybinių požymių tarpusavio priklausomumas vertintas susisiejančių lentelių metodu apskaičiuojant Pirsono Pearson chi kvadrato χ² kriterijaus reikšmę ir laisvės laipnių skaičių lls , statistinį reikšmingumą p reikšmė. Jo slankikliai buvo vienodai geri.

Health is not just the absence of disease, but a positive physical sensation.

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The European, his voice dropping a tone every day, finds himself growing stouter, balder, more extroverted and aggressive, conscious of a place in what is still, despite lip-service, a noisily masculine society.

Then there is the sensation of belonging to a great nation in its present prosperous period of triumph. What are the alternatives?

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Cape Cod or Connecticut greitasis pažintys cape cod their devotees, but these havens are the rewards of success, not its incubator.

Boston, last stronghold of a leisured class, offers a select enlighternment of which a contemporary Englishman is just downright unworthy. Washington has immense charm, the streets of Georgetown with their ilexes and magnolias and little white box-house are like corners of Chelsea or Exeter, but a political nexus offers few resoyrces to the artist who is outside the administration, and the lovely surrounding, are not places in which he can hope to earn a living.

Let us try California.

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The night place circles round La Guardia, leaves behind the icy water of the Sound and that sinister Stonehenge of economic man, the Rockefeller Center, to disappear over the Middle West. Vast rectangles of light occasionally indicate Chicago or some other well-planned city, till at six in the morning we ground in the snow of Omaha.

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As it grows light the snow-fields over the whole agricultural region of the Middle West grow more intricate, the Great Plais give way to the Bad Lands, poison ivy to poison oak, the sinuosities of the Platte rivers to the Hight Plais, the mountains of Wyoming, the Continental Divide.

San Francisco is a city of charming people and hideous buildings, mostly erected after the earthquake in the style ofwith a large Chinatown in which everything is fake-except the the Chinese-with a tricky humid climate though sunny in winterand a maddening indecision in the vegetation-which can never decide if it belongs to the North or South and achieves a Bournemouth compromise.

Yet San Francisco and its surroudings, Marin Country, Berkeley, Sauselito with its three climates, San Mateo where lemon and birch tree grow together, probably represent the most attractive all-the-year-round alternative to Europe which the worl can provide.

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